16 MayBea’s Memory: Not To Be Trusted

Now, where did I put my reading glasses?


Lately, Bea doesn’t trust her memory.  She’ll be driving back to work after having lunch at home, and she’ll think, “Did I turn off the stove?  Did I close the garage door?”  I swear, there’s been times she’s turned around and actually checked!   It’s weird, because at work, she has to remember a lot of stuff and keep track of multiple projects, which she manages to do pretty darn well.  But at home, she’s writing herself little notes (ok, a page of notes) to remind her of just what she has to do that day! What’s up with that?

Her most recent written reminders:

  • Take shower
  • Go to work
  • Make dinner

Ok, her memory ain’t THAT bad.

But she does question it, sometimes.  It’s this aging thing.  And she’s not the only 50- something person suffering from this quirk, as you can see by this article from the Boomer Café. (A cool place for Baby Boomers, by the way)

The good thing is, we boomers and various other oldies can improve our brain’s memory banks and other functions.  At least, that’s what Bea’s read on the Internet.  And she wants to keep that old brain of hers functioning for as long as possible.

So what should Bea do?

Well, according the the experts at AARP, one thing she can do is eat a brain-healthy diet.  (Ok, Bea, no more twinkies for you!) Researchers also say that exercise is great not only for your body, but also enhances your brain. CNN’s Health Library talks about how to keep your mind sharp in this article.

Hey, readers, got any other ideas about how Bea can improve that memory of hers?

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  1. kat says:

    I like the look!! I will come back and check out your links after work tonite. I am heading out the door…GREAT JOB!!

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